Activities for Care

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Activities for Care

Eurythmy can be one of many different activities that bring fun, enjoyment and meaning into the life of residential care homes, nursing homes, care centres or various social clubs. It's not only caring for basic bodily needs and it's not mere entertainment that can foster our sense of wellbeing and fulfilment of our human potential. We need more - a social context and interaction, creativity and artistic stimulation of the senses, continuous learning and exercising our mind, emotional balance of soul, flexibility and active engagement of our body.

All this and more can be experienced when people of all ages, abilities and walks of life come together to practice Eurythmy. Exercises can be adjusted and tailored to virtually any condition or mobility limitations. It is possible to carry out Eurythmy activities walking, standing, sitting and even lying down in bed.

Moving Well has successfully provided Eurythmy movement activities for residents in one care home in East Grinstead area since May 2013. Continuous interest of the participants and positive feedback from the staff provide hope that this could be a pilot project for implementing Eurythmy in care homes on a much larger scale.

If you are interested and would like to try, please do contact us and ask!