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Eurythmy for Education

Waldorf/Steiner Schools, Special Schools, Social Therapy Centres

Waldorf/Steiner Schools. In 1919, in Stuttgart the first Waldorf school was founded under the guidance of Rudolf Steiner (named after the Waldorf Astoria factory whose employees sent their children there). Already at its beginning, Eurythmy - which until then had developed as a performing art - was included in the curriculum for all the grades. School Eurythmy helps children express in movement what the soul is experiencing, for example in geometry lessons, astronomy or history. Waldorf pedagogy is sometimes called an education towards inner freedom because it leads children to unfolding of their inherent human potential rather then filling them with knowledge like empty vessels. School Eurythmy is an important part of this process because through its art it cultivates their feeling life and aesthetic sense and through its ensouled movement it strengthens their life of will. One-sidedness of present education with its emphasis on intellect is thus balanced out and graduates of Waldorf (in England often called Steiner) Schools become healthy, fully rounded, more fully human, inwardly free beings.

Special Schools. In 1924, with opening of the first homes for children in need of special soul care (Sonnenhof in Switzerland, Lauenstein in Germany) and Rudolf Steiner's outlining of curative education methods Eurythmy received its new task in this rapidly growing movement. Since then, due to challenges and adverse affects of our modern life, the numbers of children with special needs have been growing and their illnesses and disabilities have become more varied and severe. Eurythmy can offer invaluable help in overcoming hindrances to child education and healthy development.

Social Therapy. Since 1960, with the founding of Camphill Village in Botton and consequent spread of Camphill communities and centres with adults with special needs all over the world Eurythmy has become an integral part in cultural and spiritual life of these life sharing endeavours. Healing and education through living together is helped by Eurythmy.

Vladimir Havrda has studied Waldorf teachers' seminar and taught in Czech Waldorf schools as a language teacher, completed Curative Education and Social Therapy seminar in the USA and lived and worked in Camphill communities there and in the UK. Has trained in England and worked for six months as Eurythmist in a Rudolf Steiner School. Now he's been living and working (also partly as a Eurythmist) in a social therapeutic community and residential home for people with special needs in Nutley Hall.

He would be happy to use his rich experience in this area and bring Eurythmy to any school (not just Waldorf/Steiner), special school or adult educational centre or institution. Any request or offer considered.