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Eurythmy Meditations & Self-development

From the very beginnings of developing a new art of movement later called Eurythmy Rudolf Steiner made references and links to its esoteric aspects. In the first instructions to the would-be first Eurythmist L.M.Smits in 1912 he gave her a task to look at and practice positions of six figures from Agrippa of ettesheim's Occult Philosophy where he deals with correspondences between Macrocosm and Microcosm, which is Human Being. It was later transformed into "I think speech" exercise.

The first pre-Eurythmy exercise given to her was IAO which was a transformation and embodyment of a breathing, light and thought meditation given in 1906 for Theosophical Esoteric School. From the same esoteric source came another Eurythmy meditation exercise practiced on a human body formed into a five pointed star - "Steadfast I stand in world". During the first course of lessons of the new art in September 1912 he gave the first word presented in Eurythmy - Halleluia gesture meditation to "purify oneself from all that hinders us from perceiving the Highest.

In the same course he also gave Energy dance and Peace dance exercises as renewed temple dances from ancient Greek mysteries dedicated to god Dionysus. In 1923 he enriched his course on Tone Eurythmy by the so called "esoteric intermezzo", the TAO Eurythmy meditation, which addresses the "highest in the human being, given him as a seed, to which man can aspire..." In 1924 he introduced "Light streams upward..." Eurythmy meditation which he linked with practice of Rosicrucian esoteric school drawing on still much older mystery knowledge.

When practicing meditative Eurythmy we are entering on the paths, into the movements and gestures in many respects similar to ancient disciplines like Yoga, Tai Chi or Qui Gong. But with all due respect to these Eastern wisdom filled practices, Eurythmy can stand not only equal with them, but has also an advantage that it was created from spiritual scientific consciousness suitable for people of our modern civilisation.

Vladimir Havrda has given workshops on meditative Eurythmy in Prague at the Rose Cross conference and on some lessons of the School of Spiritual Science in Forest Row area. If you are interested he would be happy to share and work with you on developing practice of Eurythmy meditation. His dream is that meditative Eurythmy exercises will be one day practiced by hundreds of people in our parks, streets, squares, workplaces and stadiums like those of Tai Chi or Qui Gong in China.