Eurythmy H


The ‘Moving Well’ founder, Vladimir Havrda, is a fully qualified Eurythmist. He trained with the West Midlands Eurythmy Training in Stourbridge (2007/8) and Peredur Eurythmy in East Grinstead (2009-2012). He has graduated with diploma from the Eurythmy Therapy training in Stroud (March 2013 - April 2015)

Already during his training he was involved in different projects:

School project in Waldorf schools in the Czech Republic - Pardubice, Pribram and Plzen.
Practised Eurythmy theraphy at a placement in GP Blackthor trust in Maidstone, in Raphael Center for Neurological Rehabilitation in Kent and Nutley Hall residential home for people with special needs.
Practicing Eurythmy Therapy in different places and settings.
Exploring use of mobility and awareness enhancing Eurythmy movement activities in a Care home in East Grinstead.
Eurythmy workshops for School of Spiritual Science research project.
Leading social, self-developmental, meditative and hygienic Eurythmy during Rose Cross Conferences in Prague.
Organising, participating and performing in different festivals in Nutley Hall, Emerson College and Forest Row area.
Leading social Eurythmy for people with special needs in Nutley Hall.
Leading social Eurythmy group in Emerson College.
Directed Christmas Plays with Eurythmy in Nutley Hall.
Teaching educational Eurythmy in Brighton Steiner School.
Participated in several performances of dramatised story of Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz with Eurythmy.
Re-enacting with the small group of the first Eurythmy course give in 1912 by Rudolf Steiner in Switzerland.
Performing graduation programme in various places in England, Scotland and Switzerland.
Leading social Eurythmy for people with special needs in Nutley Hall.