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Public Courses: Social Eurythmy, Festivals, Conferences

Moving Well offers courses for public usually called Social Eurythmy when a group of people want to move together as a regular weekly activity for their health, well-being and enjoyment. There is a strong social aspect to these sessions because it is more fun and more meaningful to move with others than individually. Movement is often accompanied by live music or spoken word, special Eurythmy gestures, artistic or geometrical forms, concentration exercises or by using simple tools like copper rods or balls. One course of Moving Well social Eurythmy is running on a regular basis on Friday mornings in Emerson College in Forest Row. Come to see and try. Courses in other places can be organised on request.

Eurythmy is also a very good activity for celebrating seasonal festivals or special occasions. Christmas, Easter, St John's, Michaelmas, Spring and other festivals or special events may be enriched and enlivened by doing or performing Eurythmy as has been traditionally happening with Moving Well contributions for example in Nutley Hall. Potentially, Eurythmy could be also done at weddings, funerals, birthday parties etc. If you want ligten up your celebrations just ask and we'll be happy to help.

Eurythmy can be also used for exploring certain themes, understanding difficult concepts, planning new projects, adding variety and active element to the programmes of conferences, workshops and other social events. For example Moving Well movement activities have been for several years regular part of Rose Cross Conferences in Prague.