Social rehabilitation

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Eurythmy for Social Rehabilitation PTSD, Drug Rehab, Prisons, Youth Offenders, Social Integration of Veterans, Homeless, etc.

There are examples of beneficial use of Eurythmy in various areas of social integration.

In Gloucestershire a drug rehab centre called Inishfree was successfully helping about a hundred people with problems of drug abuse to overcome their addiction and to be integrated back into society. Eurythmy was an integral part of their rehabilitation programme. Unfortunately, because of the funding cuts, the centre had to close down after ten years of work.

In the USA, an initiative called Prison Outreach helps prisoners with their further education and personal development by teaching them meditation, providing them with reading materials, arts therapy and also Eurythmy. From the positive responses of the inmates it is clear that in their exceptional circumstances they are more open to new ideas and greatly benefit from anything that can help them to understand and change their life.

In Kent one medical centre prepares a programme for veterans and social integration part of which will be also Eurythmy Therapy. Another medical centre uses Eurythmy Therapy for treatment and rehabilitation of patients with neurological diseases. In Camphill communities artistic, hygienic and curative Eurytmy plays an important part in social therapy and curative education of their life- sharing with people and children with learning disabilities.

Eurythmy can do all this and much more because it teaches people social skills, helps with self-development and finding new balance through re-connecting us with our soul and spirit and finding them also in others.