Team Building for Businesses

Team Building for Businesses

Rather new and surprising use of Eurythmy has been developed quite recently - Eurythmy for businesses, organisations, companies, or, in the orkplace. It started probably in Germany and was made known mainly by the pioneering work of Annemarie Ehrlich through her many successful projects in different factories, corporations, hospitals, schools etc. Although it is not unknown in the UK it still awaits wider recognition and application here.

The book, or rather an essay "Eurythmy in the Workplace:One Company's Story" is an exciting reading about a transformation of one ailing German company into a successful business with the help of Eurythmy for its management and employees. In order to be effective it needed to change from its traditional hierarchical structure into a development-oriented one. The participants stressed the experience of community. They emphasized that this new experience of moving together in Eurythmy had definitely rubbed off on their daily work. Competitiveness was replaced by mutual acceptance and support:

"Most of us had experienced that something had been achieved together. It was a beautiful cooperative creation."

"As the time went on people were greeting each other far more often."

"But feeling that I belong to a community was a real experience for me."

"If you approach somebody on the floor and say: I need to have this at such and such time, you get a lot of "well, yes but!" But if I give him the eurythmy rod he simply has to pick it up because he feels "I simply have to keep this going". On the floor I really have a rod in my hand as well, but he does not pick it up. During eurythmy he does it."

"As the boss has mentioned he wants to get to the point where one gets along better with each other and works more together. To work more consciously, more objectively with each other..."

The factory manager said tha eurythmy had contributed to a more open atmosphere in the workplace, difficulties were now seen as possibilities.

If you would like to achieve this and more Moving Well is ready to come to your workplace with Eurythmy and help you to change!

Team Building for Businesses